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Getting started
Today, we're going to talk about ...

Talking about discussion items
the first thing we need to discuss is ...

Presenting options
we have several alternatives/options ...

Asking for opinions
what do you think, George ?

Making a Suggestion / proposal
I think we should ...
How about ...

Giving feedback
I think that's a good idea
I agree
I disagree. I think
Sorry, I don't agree with you

Checking for Consensus
Do we all agree on that ?

Moving on
let's move on to the next topic

Stalling the discussion
before we move on, I think we should ...
Wait a minute. We haven't discussed ...

Asking for clarification
what do you mean by ...
could you clarify that ?
could you elaborate on that ?

In summary,
The conclusion is

Closing the meeting
That's all for today
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